Brick Cladding, or Brick Slip Cladding as it is sometimes referred to, is transforming the construction industry with a solution which provides an extensive range of brick finishes without the challenges that come with brickwork installation.

As Accredited Installers of the Aquarian Gebrik Insulating Brick Cladding System, we can help you to achieve a finish which will look and weather exactly like conventional brickwork but with dramatically reduced installation times.

The Gebrik system comes in lightweight panels which are manufactured offsite and supplied as approximately 1 sq metre panels which are easier to handle, quick to install and can be built in almost any weather conditions.

Ideal for any kind of development, the Gebrik Brick Cladding system has been used on a wide range of residential and commercial developments across the UK and Europe.
Benefits of Gebrik Brick Cladding System


Our dedicated project management team will work closely with you to understand the works schedule and deliver a solution which ensure even the most challenging deadlines can be achieved.

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